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“Mocking the meat it feeds on. Los Angeles born singer/songwriter Bianca Di Cesare has a big year ahead. Her first solo EP is geared for a Spring 2015 release, and today we premiere the video for her single “Green Eyed Monster.”

“Toplining this year’s bill are Seattle electropop duo Odesza and the blowsy grime-funk of Big Gigantic, but, as ever, keep an eye aimed at the acts in smaller font on the poster. I recommend the pixelated pop of Ellie Herring, Sabota’s wowed-out, twitchy beats, the joyous house music conjured by Canada’s Sam Demoe, and the pure bliss of LA growler Bianca Di Cesare”


“For Alexo Wandaels portrait, I chose this mod-sixties dress that reflects the style of my upcoming music video “Green Eyed Monster”.

“Mesmerizing performance on the Equinox Stage” (cit.Tunemama)

“I surrender to all emotions, good and bad. And then come the words. Its like a therapy session where my psychiatrist are the melodies and they lead me to the truth. All I want is fuel for new discoveries, so I need to live between the tension of moving and experiencing a lot and retracting in introspection in the depths of my soul.”

“Find out why Bianca Di Cesare is a Daring Creative and while you’re here, check out her latest music video”

“I wrote and composed this song with my guitar on a day when I felt a lot of judgment and criticism coming my way, it’s about the feeling of being shot down by the person you love most.” pg.28

“Green Eyed Monster puts me in this reflective state. I want to drive all day with the windows down and think about all the people I have been. It’s the kind of music that does something to you. It is hard or impossible to categorize a woman with this sort of talent, she delivers on all levels. This lady definitely has our hearts racing.”

“May 11 at 9pm @ HOTEL CAFE, Los Angeles, The Italian singer/songwriter will headline, in celebration of the release of her debut EP, Green Eyed Monster. Watch her live performance of the title track below!”

“This is Bianca Di Cesare’s first time performing her own song. She’s written scores for movies and other famous endeavors and has decided that it’s time for her spotlight. This single will come out in May with a video to boot! Check her out and support the artist.”

“The production on this tune is crisp and she comes off like a pro, hitting every mark and delivering with panache…”

“Are you ready for a singing Jewel from Rome? The fashion designer Bianca di Cesare who lived in Los Angeles has released an incredible eighties sounding single. Take a listen to Open Sesame”

“Italian Songstress Bianca Di Cesare: Talks Fashion, Style and her new American Single”

“I think you’ll fall in love with the song and the girl. She’s pretty amazing, really. We spent a day at the Salton Sea together and had a blast! I styled the shoot with a few of my more playful pieces from my closet”

“I am proud to say that my latest side project ‘Middletown’ has released our debut album ‘For the girl’.Our dear friend Bianca Di Cesare graces the album cover”

“The set began with Daniele Cardinale on vocals and acoustic guitar, supported by guitarist Claudio Falconi and keyboardist Bianca Di Cesare of the Rome-based group Viva Lion. They got the energy going in the building with three pop-folk songs with high-tempo strumming.”

“After meeting at a best friend’s birthday, they tried to co-write a certain kind of song for a music publisher, but came up with something completely different – the song “In This State.” This is an example of some good grassroot songwriting and production.”

“Dodici brani che ricordano le atmosfere electro-pop melodiche presenti sui dischi prodotti dalle etichette Warp e Morr, ma anche gruppi come Mouse on Mars ed il trip-hop dei Portishead.Da segnalare, nel brano “Figure”, la partecipazione della giovanissima cantante romana Bianca Di Cesare.”

“Arrendetevi dinnanzi al fantasioso guazzabuglio di Figure: romanticismo sintetico, ottima voce femminile di Bianca Di Cesare.”

“La storia di Terapia d’urto nasce nel 1982.Teatro e musica hanno rappresentato la possibilità per la popolazione detenuta di dimostrare all’esterno che, se vengono offerte delle opportunità, il volto dei carcerati e dello stesso carcere è molto diverso da quello pensato dall’immaginario collettivo.”

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