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Featured / Slider / June 18, 2014

Interstate Royale Collaboration
As of Jan.1st 2016, Bianca’s Collaboration on the Interstate Royale Project is out on Itunes. This New Wave Electronica album started as a project for the big screen and developed into an album where 4 different vocalists collaborated and co-wrote the tracks. Producer Matt Vowles from Warner Brothers has worked on movies such as Inception and The Hobbit and is now producing this album under his company name Solid Recordings.

Soundcloud links to her latest collaboration with Interstate Royale are also on Itunes.

Bianca’s EP Debut
In Spring 2015 Bianca Di Cesare debuted her first EP as singer/songwriter with the launch of her single and corresponding music video “Green Eyed Monster”. Though some tracks more acoustic others more highly produced, this album melds indie, folk and baroque pop rhythms with elements of blues in an organic journey through her personal feelings and emotions.

Sound cloud links to her Green Eyed Monster EP (also on Itunes)

*Bianca is a SAG member and her references for commercial and session work are available upon request at management@listentobianca.com

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